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Spector Pro records all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed, all chat conversations, and all e-mails sent and received.

Spector Pro even records Internet based e-mails like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

So while AOL will still exist, no further growth or development will be made. I’m sure it’s what Mark Zuckerburg was logged into as he crushed code growing up as merely a boy nerd. I mean do we go for the passive aggressive Avril Lavigne chorus line or really-not-as-obscure-as-you-were-hoping-it’d-be Mae reference that absolutely no one would get.

I’d go so far as to say this – the of AIM helped groom a generation of digital kids, multi-taskers who did homework with multiple chat windows open plus a textbook plus music playing.

If you’re an over-18 American, chances are you’ve never heard of Kik.

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There, behind the parted lips, short shorts, and leather jackets—access to the mysteries of the adult world, all that had been hidden from children. “You either see pop music as a ­contemporary art form or you don’t,” George Michael once said. We had been trusted to obey and were breathless from dancing. We needed someone to demystify the crude words in the AOL chat room we fired up after bedtime, to explain to us that sex was not synonymous with love. ” read the Ok Cupid message from Odin’s Thirst Trap, a 20-year-old blond living in Stockholm.“It’s what all the kids here use.” I was traveling to Sweden to write and to get laid, not necessarily in that order.Before hearing about it from Odin’s Thirst Trap, a creamy éclair of a Swede with milk-fed skin and the kind of wide-eyed blondness that would make for the third-favorite member of a boy band, I’d no knowledge of Kik.I downloaded the Kik app and created a profile because I wanted to communicate with Odin’s Thirst Trap — and, as it turned out, every Swedish guy I met through Ok Tinder. No, I’d written back to Odin’s Thirst Trap, I’ll get it.

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