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(Though it still feels odd to open my book from what seems like the back.) Most of the letters have four different forms, depending on whether they stand alone or come at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. But in Arabic, as in Hebrew, people don't include most vowels when writing. Vowels are included as little marks above and below in beginning textbooks, but you soon have to get used to doing without them. But when you're struggling with comprehension to begin with, it's pretty formidable. I do not recommend chewing gum in Arabic class, because a host of noises articulated in the back of the throat makes it likely that the gum will end up in your lungs.

Arabic has one "h" akin to ours, and another that has been described as the sound you would make trying to blow out a candle with air from your throat.

Many adults and children also attend additional English-language courses to supplement their formal schooling, or to prepare for English-language proficiency tests like IELTS.

English presents a number of challenges for Arabic speakers When teaching English to Arabic speakers, teachers need to take on several challenges, starting from the completely different writing system and including problems caused by differences in the grammatical systems of English and Arabic.

I studied German, French, and Portuguese in college. I'm one of a growing wave of people trying to come to grips with Arabic, a language long neglected by Americans in the years before Sept. Since then, the CIA and the military have tried to recruit Arab-American "heritage speakers." The federal government has spent tons of money, both teaching Arabic to spies and soldiers at its specialized schools and encouraging university students to study it.

I speak decent Russian and have taught myself some half-decent rudimentary Japanese. College enrollment in Arabic classes doubled between 19, with much of the increase coming in a patriotic spike after the World Trade Center attacks.

They specialize in the teaching of Arabic and English.

They also offer programmes for French, German and Spanish.

Learning English is important for Arabic speakers English-language learning is hugely important in most Arabic-speaking countries, and most people begin English classes at some point in primary school, although increasingly it is being introduced to pre-schoolers.

Intensive Introduction to Arabic provides students with a comprehensive base for further studies in Arabic language and culture.

It is best to view this as an Arabic “primer” with the aim of giving the students an advantage when continuing to study Arabic. This will be aided by a fully immersive environment wherein the teacher and students will communicate exclusively in Arabic.

In the United Arab Emirates, for example, only about ten per cent of the population is Emirati.

The rest is a mix of other nationalities, who use English as a common language and as the international business language.

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