Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

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The ensuing complications are brought to life with a screwball snap by the film’s crackerjack ensemble cast, which also includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Alba, and Scott’s fans, his stepmother. Adam, you’re credited as executive producer on the movie, which from what I understand can mean any number of things. Again, it’s just a level of commitment to the movie that we were happy to have.

I talked with Scott and Zicherman about that casting decision, Scott’s work as executive producer on the movie, and how their own experiences as A. I’m sure this is the question you’re tired of, but: was it strange for you and Amy to go from playing husband and wife who love each other on to playing stepson and stepmother who hate each other here?

That said, Poehler never completely switched mindsets, accidentally calling Scott by his Parks and Recreation name, Ben."That was really sweet," says Poehler.

Mike Schur: There are a lot of details about the wedding.

, kissing Adam Scott, and her favorite kind of waffles.

Plus, she drops a major bombshell: She has never read the Harry Potter books!

Scott wasn't able to attend the Golden Globe Awards that Poehler so memorably co-hosted with Tina Fey ("I thought Amy did incredibly,'' says Scott, who watched on TV), but mind was on future collaborations."Please pick some things we can work on together," begs Poehler."Avatar 2?

D., the two even enjoyed hanging out on the Georgia set, especially one memorable evening with the cast at a Hampton Inn celebrating Scott's 39th birthday."We drank in the lobby in the lobby until two in the morning. And it's safe to say the two plan on bringing their magic to more projects.

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