Beaney dating

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Type of Museum: Military Museum Country: Bedfordshire, England Owned / Operated by: USAF 306th Bombardment Group Address: Bedford Technology Park, Bedford MK44 1QU Housed in one of the original WWII airfield buildings, the museum relates the history of the airfield as it was during the war years.

Limelite Plaster from the Tarmac Building Products Heritage range was used revive and protect the internal walls throughout the Beaney Institute.Members of Loughton Methodist Church reminisced about everything they have achieved in the last three decades at an anniversary party. Eastr London & West Essex Guardian A statue of Methodist Charles Wesley has returned to its home in Bristol after 18 months of restoration work.It is also a greatly loved building and so the sourcing of both traditional craft traders and suitable materials took time.An infestation of Death Watch Beetles damaged the old oak framed panelling, attracted to the wet fungal breeding ground .

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