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The hip hop artist-turned-cast member of the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was taken to South Shore Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, the station WHDH reported. Relatives said that Benzino and his nephew have been at odds for some time, and the hostility between the two men came to a head during the funeral for the rapper's mother, Mary Scott, who passed away on March 20.

Last week, Benzino took to Instagram to share photos of his late mother and talk about his grief and sense of loss, writing in one of the captions that he did not know how he will continue living knowing that Mrs Scott was gone.

Benzino is best known for starting The Source magazine in 1988.

A decade later, he joined the rap collective Made Men, and his other claim to fame is that the entertainer has been locked in a feud with Eminem for more than a decade.

It is the world's longest running rap periodical, being founded as a newsletter in 1988.

The Source was originally started by David Mays, a Harvard University student in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Instead of excusing his previous behavior, Benzino acknowledged he had done a lot of maturing over the last years.

His last relationship on record was with fellow “LHHA” cast mate Althea Heart.

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I was a little skeptical about the reformed all-business Benzino, but after listening to his perspective on dating, love and relationships, it doesn’t sound like the same guy who was a part of Atlanta’s version of the “creep squad” and was not short of relationship drama including leaked nude pics, a video suggesting he smashed Joseline Hernandez and several other sketchy relationship woes.

"I'm pretty much a private person when it comes to my love life, but Stevie was already in it so I said, 'Why not? With "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," fans have seen a more sensitive side of Benzino, a side drastically different from the rabble-rouser he once was in the early 2000s.

After Karlie's manager suggested that the budding singer stay clear of Benzino so she wouldn't cast a negative shadow on her own career, ZNO teared up a bit.

“I believe it’s because I kinda wear my emotions on my sleeve that people know that about me,” he explains, “but I still believe in love and I would hope that’s what everyone wants to find.” Benzino suggests men find a better understanding of what it means to be faithful to one woman and respect a relationship with wisdom and maturity.

When asked if that’s why many suggest women should date older men, he agreed.

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