Blackberry email stopped updating

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This is because if you set up your mobile device or email client with the standard IMAP or POP3 protocol, the username and password are sent 'in the clear' over the internet.

This means that anybody with the ability to access your email client's login session over an insecure network connection, such as a public Wi-Fi hotspot, can easily retrieve your username and password.

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Check Nameservers – Check that your domain name is pointing to the correct name servers where your email is hosted.View guided steps to move to a Black Berry powered by Android View guided steps to move to Black Berry 10 Does your Black Berry smartphone need a health assessment? The Black Berry® Virtual Expert diagnostics application is a simple self guided diagnostics app brought to you by Black Berry.You will be guided through a series of hardware tests to produce a test results summary.The following link shows you exactly how to log in to your Web Hosting Control Panel. Check Email Account Quota – Next we need to check if your email quota is full because if this is happening then that will stop new emails from being accepted on the server.Bring your contacts, pictures, video, apps, and more from your previous smartphone to your new Black Berry powered by Android Smartphone.

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