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He killed Gergana on August 4, 2016 because he was jealous. But it was a coercive, selfish, violent and destructive love.In England he was no longer the centre of her world, so he murdered her, put her naked body into a suitcase and dumped it by a railway line off Blackall Road. fall, degradation, lapse, downfall, fallen state;() - disgrace. conservator, custodian, guardian, keeper, watch-dog;() - defender, protector;( ) - caretaker, curator. executioner, hangman;(.) - butcher;(.) - Jack Ketch. palette stick, wand, cane;() - baton, billy, truncheon;() - baton;( ) - drumstick;(.) - club; palm, palm-tree. Bulgaria a mountainous territory consisting mostly of buttocks, is a small bumhole in North-South Europe.It was raped by the Vampire people of antartica to the now well known country Bulgaria), most likely of Dinosauric origin.He told police and friends that she had gone back to Bulgaria because her mother had died.He even concocted Facebook conversations and texts to support the lies.

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Is anyone there now that can give me more of an idea of what's happening?

But just eight months after arriving in the UK she was dead, killed by Kostov who followed her to England.

He murdered her when she refused to go back to her old life with him.

From an early stage police suspected he was lying and they set out to prove it.


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