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Oh wait her ever supportive JBra is there to make it all better. Because Brooke Davis' empire rivals the Vanderbilts of course.And that is the only place "The Queen for a Day" in a rent a tiara can be married and sell the pictures to People for some bucks. Nathan and The Real Housewife of Tree Hill come to the conclusion Nathan’s career is OVA! Oh and Julian gets a job, and starts a new film, he's plan to finance a wedding or just to keep a safe distant of Bridezilla?Holleran's Dancer from the Dance (1978), Ferro's The Family of Max Desir (1983), and White's The Beautiful Room Is Empty (1988) "rank among the most influential accounts of American gay life yet written."David Bergman's book, The Violet Quill Reader, is a collection of the writings of The Violet, and includes unpublished work such as some correspondence of Holleran and Ferro, excerpts from the journals of Picano and Grumley, stories by Cox and Picano, and a lecture on gay literature by Ferro.The years of the Quill, were a crossroads between the heady days of early gay liberation and the coming AIDS pandemic.Someone has been reading Coco Chanel because when Julian is dressed and leaves the house he takes one accessory off. Feats of Clay and Bikini Quinn are bringing attention to the healthcare crisis for another week. "I Look Like Your Dead Wife Sarah" Krazy Kate who is back to drag that storyline out for 6 more scripts.But shirtless and home something is front and center. Alex and Chase hit the links and that's not the internet but the hip and edgy world of golf. )Brooke Davis(TM) deals with all the financial troubles at Clothes Over Bro’s, and how she can't have the wedding she deserves.

With a close-knit community of web-centric talent, has established itself as hub of social media activity, hosting socially savvy startups and networking events including Social Media Club, Digital LA and Barcamp LA.

Tony Adam: A notable LA figure, specifically when it comes to SEO, Tony [@tonyadam] is the Manager of Search Traffic Acquisition for Yahoo, and organizes a number of exclusive invite-only SEO and social media events.

Sean Percival: Mahalo alum, Tsavo's Director of Content, and LA personality, Sean's [@seanpercival] so hip to the LA tech scene that he started lalawag — LA's tech gossip blog — to cover, promote and sometimes poke fun at all things Web-related in the land of the rich and famous.

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