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And Jhanis, the lovely and hilariously funny momma behind the popular blog “The Vanilla Houswife” happens to be one of them.

I’ve read many of her blog-posts that has made me laugh and she also writes bravely about some topics some of us wouldn’t want to touch for whatever reasons we have.

She is trying to handle living among the Stepford wives.

Thankfully, I had my ultrasound done at the hospital where I planned to give birth and not at my OB’s clinic so I was just transferred from one room to another.And before I forget to mention, she also happens to be a fellow Filipino blogger like me 🙂 Hi, I’m Jhanis, forget-it years old and I love crafting.In theory that is because I suck at it in real life. Just two but our house sounds like I have twelve kids inside when they are together. Chico, my first born came out via CS a week sooner than expected because of Oligohydramnios.We asked if the cast has their own input in their role, or songs, and Madison and Olivia said they ad-lib quite a bit.“We have a lot of freedom to add their personal touches.” The cast thinks families should tune into Bizaardvark because it’s social-media oriented, brand new (not done bef0re), and shows you can follow your dreams.

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