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Islamabad: Members of various youth organisations gathered outside the Islamabad Press Club today to demand transparent probe into the allegations leveled against unnamed members of the GB Legislative Assembly and Council.

Two newspaper reports had been printed a couple of week back, in which a reporter had accused some unnamed members of the GB Assembly and Council of luring young girls in the name of scholarships and jobs, and forcing or tricking them into having sexual relationships with higher ups in the federal capital.

Irfan Elahi, the government's aviation secretary, told media the plane suffered engine problems, but that it was too early to determine the cause of the accident.

Pervez George, the spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority, told The Associated Press that a team of experts would determine the cause after retrieving the plane's black box recorder.

In 2014, around 400,000 tourists visited the country, down from 906,800 in 2010, according to the State Bank of Pakistan.

But while fewer foreigners may be coming to the country, domestic tourism is booming.

It is pertinent to note that, while rubbishing the allegations, the GB government has already ordered the formation of a committee of parliamentarians to investigate the matter and present a report with recommendations.

It was the third blasphemy-related incident in the country this month after a student was beaten to death by a lynch mob and a faith healer was shot dead.It touched down normally at 2.38pm in Chitral to drop passengers, refuel and take on new passengers.The aircraft then took off just after 3.30pm, and was due in Islamabad at 4.40pm.Siraj Ul-Mulk’s friends thought he was mad when he started building a hotel in the early 1990s, off the beaten track and carved out of a mountainside.“When I was building this hotel, people used to ask me, what are you doing? “For me it was a passion, but they didn’t understand,” he says wearing a floppy, brown pakol hat, sitting in his hotel garden overlooking the emerald green valley of Chitral, with snow-tipped mountains in the distance. Tourists are now flocking to Chitral, nestled in the foothills of Pakistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range in the country’s remote and mountainous north-west region, close to the Afghanistan border.It’s so busy that he’s even having to turn people away from his hotel, the Hindukush Heights.

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