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I’m sure everyone knows a 34 year old woman who is just as hot as the average 22 year old girl, but the exceptions don’t make the rules.And a note on BMI: I used the 1959 Met Life height-weight insurance charts as guides as they are the most accurate (before American “grade inflation” made obese the new normal).And ultimately, the best relationships come when we learn to be healthy, confident, and secure even while standing alone.

That’s because we don’t really know ourselves that well yet and are hyper focused on how others view us. We have more options to choose from, therefore we’re going to be pickier with our choice.

Unlike the male version of this test, here I have added a sliding scale to some of the questions because this better reflects the outsized importance that certain factors have on a woman’s total sexual value. 15 to 16 years old: 5 points 17 to 20 years old: 10 points 21 to 25 years old: 8 points 26 to 29 years old: 3 point 30 to 33 years old: 0 points 33 to 36 years old: -1 point 37 to 40 years old: -5 points 41 to 45 years old: -8 points 46 to 49 years old: -10 points over 49: you’ve hit the wall. Your breasts look firm and pert when you wear: A bra: 0 points An underwire push-up bra: -1 point Nothing: 1 point 6. ***** The final eleven questions measure your femininity, sexiness, and pleasing personality traits.

Guys, you may take this quiz for your girlfriends or wives to see if you have settled for tepid sex once a week or if you always get hard looking at her and never forget her birthday. This is the closest to “game” that women have at their disposal.

Therefore, we don’t want to settle for anything less than that, because we’re sure that guy is out there somewhere just waiting for us.

However, as we get older and actually get some life experience under our belts, then our expectations tend to change.

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