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In early humans, men and women worked together as hunters and gatherers.

The men were the hunters because they were more physically suited to hunting, because of physical size, speed, and their constant presence was not as vital to the offspring as the mother’s presence.

Or else they’re in relationships but feel constantly fatigued and overwhelmed.

The reason isn’t simply that “there aren’t enough emotionally available people ‘out there,’” nor is their burnout “neurotic.” Personally and professionally, I’ve discovered that something more is going on.

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Whereas others may thrive on the togetherness of being a couple, for empaths like me, too much togetherness can be difficult, may cause us to bolt. We tend to intuit and absorb our partner’s energy, and become overloaded, anxious, or exhausted when we don’t have time to decompress in our own space. She said she had no one to share the burdens of her heart with.If you feel like you too are a lonely single woman, you’re not alone.If she has to ask if the two of you are in a relationship, the answer is probably, no.The neon sign that is flashing “hot mess” is not necessarily referring to the woman always.

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