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As long as you make the payments on time and in full, the multiple student loans showing on your credit report will not have any negative effect on your ability to get new credit.Having more accounts is not automatically a negative factor in your credit history.If one or both of you borrowed to fund your education, you may be interested in consolidating your debt together so that you can share repayment responsibilities and get out of debt faster.However, if you borrowed using the Federal Direct Loan program, you cannot use federal consolidation to merge your debt with your spouse’s.

This can mean significant savings for a spouse with a low credit score.Find out more about the choices debt consolidation offers.Ideally, you would qualify for debt consolidation after graduation.Fortunately, Purefy can simplify the refinancing process for spouses who would like to combine their private student loan debt as well.Consolidating student loans with spouse can yield several advantages.

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