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Vote up the best country karaoke songs below, or add one you think is the best if it isn't already on the list. Take a look at Great American Country's Top 20 country songs for Father's Day that convey a prevailing truth. If you don’t see your favorite on here, let us know what’s missing! This list includes great family country songs, with videos, such as “Home,” “Daddy’s Hands,” “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” and “These Four Walls,” ranked by family focused, country music loving folk everywhere. Though sometimes families get on our nerves, at the end of the day, you know they love you.These country songs are all about families and the ups and downs that come with them. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs.More than a few stars have used the gridiron as the backdrop for love stories or tales of inspiration, and dozens of others have begun a song between the hash marks.

Here are just 10 Christian songs about God’s love that I think you should listen to.

A fair argument can be made for songs like Carrie Underwood‘s “All-American Girl,” as the star of that song is set to play college ball before he falls in love with Underwood’s adorable school girl.

Ultimately, these types of songs were excluded, because while they mention football, they aren’t dominated by football.

“There Goes My Life,” Kenny Chesney (2003) – Fatherhood isn’t always planned, but being a father turns out to be the best thing that happens to a young man who had planned to get out of his small town as soon as he was old enough.

“Love Without End, Amen,” George Strait (1990) – The father/son relationship is often used by the church to explain God.

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