Dating debate

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"I went on five, maybe 10 dates," he told The Atlanta Journal Constitution, "and they were bad. CARROLL: Now wait a minute, these are women recommending their ex- boyfriends or husbands, their brothers and their very good friends to other women.But I loved it because I got a good story out of it. I agree with you a little bit because over the last 10 years I have gotten horror-infested nightmares of letters from young women who have gone out with men from the Internet and found out that they were married. It's women talking to other women and recommending men.

Don't misunderstand—the practice of dating is very much alive.Are there any drawbacks to meeting a future mate this way? Jean Carroll, co-founder of the Great Web site, and radio talk-show host Blanquita Cullum stepped into the "Crossfire" on Tuesday to debate the merits of online dating with hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala.CARLSON: Jean Carroll, I have nothing of course against people going online for dates. But as a general matter, it strikes me that there's something depressing about it because it increases a person's isolation. Go to places where you're going to start meeting people. You sit there, and you know, you get on the computer -- you may think you're talking to some big stud, then all of a sudden he shows up, and it's like, "Oh, my." I have friends who have done that and been incredibly disappointed.As the title indicates, the automobile has played a big part in those changes.By giving young people more mobility, one-on-one boy-girl contact has gone from a public, almost family setting in the parents' home to a private and intimate setting.

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