Dating depressed guy

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Add the pain and difficulties of a mental illness, and those troubles are magnified.

If your daughter is dating a boy dealing with depression, she may need special guidance from you to deal with this situation.

Knowing about depression will help you to understand what your partner is going through and how you can best help him/her. Get to know your partner Perhaps the biggest challenge in a relationship with a depressed person comes with the unpredictability and inscrutability of their moods.However many times depression is just a stage most of us pass through; these usually range from a couple of days to perhaps a few weeks and eventually the person is able to emerge from its shadows.On the other hand, there may be some people who are chronically afflicted by depression or are less equipped than others to cope with a major loss like bereavement, divorce or unemployment.If somebody had a broken leg, you wouldn’t tell them to go for a run. The person with depression can’t see a thing, because everything is surrounded by darkness. All they want to do is get out of the tunnel, but they can’t see where to go, they don’t know what to do.You would be patient, you would understand that it will take time, patience and rehabilitation. Just because you can’t see an injury doesn’t mean that it isn’t debilitating. Your natural reaction is to lead them out of this dark tunnel, back to the light. You may think it makes sense, but for the person with depression, nothing makes sense. They can’t be led out of the tunnel, because the fear is too great, the darkness is too dark.

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