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Note: Some Special Build and Limited Edition instruments can still be found with the previous water slide serial numbering.Note: The 1991-92 ASAT Classic Commemorative model serial numbering was # of 1000 on the neckplate and the 1991-92 ASAT Bass Commemorative model serial numbering was # of 150 on the neckplate.The relatively small scale of production further allows for more custom options that are not possible on larger production lines.After the death of Leo Fender in 1991, Fender's wife, Phyllis Fender, passed the management of G&L to John C. In 2003, G&L introduced the Tribute series to the US market as a more affordable alternative to the USA built products.This bass has been well loved, but it still sounds and plays like a dream. If you'd like to discuss options or request a quote, simply email us or call.Featuring a single passive MFD humbucker, impeccable ebony fretboard, and the then-patent-pending saddle lock bridge, this is a chance to get an early piece of Leo Fender's most progressive creations. If you would like to make a deposit for your custom order G&L guitar directly through our website, no problem!

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G&L instruments are similar to the classic Fenders, but with some modern innovations.Note: Many 3-bolt guitar neck plates in the range of 52000 to 55000 were mis-stamped with a B-prefix instead of the usual G-prefix.It was a vendor mistake and the plates were used rather than wasting them. G&L instruments produced since mid-2010 are shipped with a Custom Build Specifications sheet which includes the date the instrument was completed.There are also dates labled on the neck heel and inside of the body.

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