Dating guidlines

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Way back in the late ‘80s, Pitt dated singer Sinitta (what is a Sinitta?), but supposedly the two didn’t last because of long-distance issues.Outside the US This objection has more truth to it than the others – networking into finance and going around the formal processes is not as common in regions like the UK and Australia.Banks there are more focused on traditional recruiting – interviews, online tests, assessment centers and case studies, and so on.Kudos to the one who initiated some effort to start it.This is really timely since our Muslim friends are doing the Ramadan that officially began Wednesday and is expected to end on September 9.So, if your company or product is Halal-certified, then contact the site owner and give the following information: Company Name, Your Product, Your Website Address, and Where and When Was Your Halal Certification Issued.I think having a one-stop website for Filipinos who believe in Halal food products is a bright idea since we don't have it yet here in the Philippines.

It’s 3 AM and he’s also working on a last-minute pitch book for his crazy MD who only sleeps 2 hours a night. Rather than reading the rest of your resume and analyzing your experience, he says, “You’re cool” and puts you in the “interview” pile. The good news, though, is that it’s predictably irrational – or at least easier to predict than the stock market or the next trending topic on Twitter.

We often see food products in the supermarket tagged as "Halal" Some don't understand what the meaning of it and others just don't pay attention to it. Halal is an Arabic word which means 'lawful, legal, licit, legitimate, permissible, allowable, permitted, allowed, admissible, authorised, unprohibited, unforbidden or unproscribed.

It's the food or drink which is permitted for consumption under the Islamic law.

In short, when you see a food labeled with "Halal" it is safe and acceptable for the Muslim people.

In the Philippines, 10% or 4.5 millions are Muslims (according to Wikipedia) so it's the right thing to know what are the Halal certified foods.

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