Dating leaf tatting shuttles

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The article on the Armenian Edging Stitch in the 1925 Star Needlework Journal Magazine is titled One Makes This Lace With a Sewing Needle.There are instructions for three different designs.Merece la pena pasar por delante de su escaparate e incluso hacer unas fotos de la maison. Ya hablaré en otro post de la vida tan interesante de mademoiselle Coco...A damp, Autumn chill descended upon my corner of Tat Land over the weekend.Fill one shuttle with color for flower and one shuttle with green for stem and leaf. Stem and Leaf: With green, on ball and shuttle, ch 9 ds. Abbreviations: r (ring) cl r (close ring) ds (double stitch) sep (separated) p (picot) ch (chain) Flower: * R of 1 ds, 9 p sep by 1 ds, cl r, repeat from * twice. The picot is a tiny loop, a lacy ornament as well as a place for joining rings or chains.

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Karey Solomon has a booklet for sale called "Tatting Turns over a New Leaf." Jane Eborall shares her Beady Leaves on her online pattern pages.This shuttle is usually made of metal and has a hook or point at one end.The other type consists of an upper and lower piece held together by a post in the center.Thread made especially for tatting is available, but the fine cotton thread used for crochet also works well.The finer the thread used, the smaller the stitches and the more delicate the tatting.

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