Dating my step cousin

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Technically speaking he is my step dads cousin, therefore making him MY step-cousin. The circumstances are different even here, without any blood.BUT, he isn't even really related to my step-dad, as his dad and my step-dad's mom (step-grandma) are both adopted. I mean, even if there were, if there had been no adoption whatsoever, would it really be wrong to date a step-cousin. In my opinion, incest is not present, as it would be through marriage, as no real relatives exist.Despite that, he loves me like crazy and would do anything for me. But, I am very close to my family, and all these lies are really getting to me. Now, my step-dad as I call him, not through marriage though,(not married to my mother) has his mom.This question comes from a Group Therapy post in our Très Sugar Community. I fell in love with my step cousin when he stayed with my family for a month.

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Being with him, I have realized that it will require a lot to make our relationship work. But, I feel really anxious, fearful, and guilty because of all the lies that we have had to say to our families in order to be together. Post it, anonymously, to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the Très Sugar Community.MORE: What to Do When a Guy Withdraws With that said, when a guy is under a lot of emotional or psychological stress, he will want to withdraw socially until he’s figured out his situation.Guys don’t like to be around people when they don’t think they’re at the top of their game. So just remember that his withdrawing is a result of him not wanting to appear weak or out of control and just allow him space for that.We seemed to have this great connection right from the start. first of all, our families have no idea right now and would not approve.We seemed to understand each other completely, and became best friends in no time. Second, he lives on another continent, thousands of miles away.

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