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4) Printed on one of the hammers, found on either end of the piano (newer or imported pianos).

5) Printed on one the keys - behind the nameboard, inside the piano (newer or imported pianos).

Fortunately for the researcher, the majority of early pianos by the principle makers were dated on the nameboards, removing much doubt of when they were made.

We had already read some things about our particular piano brand but couldn’t seem to find out anything else. I spent over 3 hours last night looking for some basic information about how much I should insure my C. It wasn’t till I stumbled across your Piano Calculator that I finally got an answer.

Your website not only clarified that our piano was really good quality but also calculated its restoration value. After unlocking the valuation calculator I discovered my Piano’s actually worth a lot more than expected…

It actually took the stress out of the whole buying process and we got a really good deal.

My Mothers piano had been in the family since she was young and we needed some information about getting it restored.

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