Dating places in vadodara

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Full of forests of teak and mahuda trees, bamboo, and other lush vegetation, Jambughoda is home to large populations of many kinds of wildlife.

Zarwani Eco Campsite is affiliated with Gujarat Tourism but its mained and run by Mahila Mandal of Zarwani Gaon. They have installed Lamp post with runs on Solar Energy.

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Vadodara may not be a traveller's perfect destination, but it does have its fair share of history, culture and art.

It also has an imposing Kabir Temple where visitors & worshippers come to pray.

Thus people visit Kabirwad not just for historical reason but also to enjoy the solitude and sanctity offered by this huge Banyan Tree.

It is an incredible grove of a Banyan tree which has grown over the years and now occupies an area of almost 3 kms.

The place is named after the famous Saint Kabir who lived here for many years.

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