Dating scammer maria william parker

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Note that yahoo was a favorite, but now they are using Claims shipper: Tanya Jones, 1201 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106, USA. Runs overpayment cashiers check scam and medical emergency scam and then wants a refund! Claims John's address: 1101 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38103.This list is just a start of known scammers and a way to turn in scammers names.With this list finding scammers on the net will benefit us all by exposing these criminals and helping others avoid getting scammed. promises to find you the perfect match and all you have to do is pay for the information.Companies like pull in people with an emotional need to find their soul mate and then they ask them to pay for the match-making service.Joseph Poon June 25: Robert Sexton June 22: JOHN June 18: San Buenas June 17: Jack Humphrey June 15: Mr. ABUDU KABIRU June 10: karin snash June 9: Carroll Lindsey June 8: Mr. Holly Pieter June 5: Leechen Hangzhou Huafeng June 3: Vjertis Von Adrian June 1: Majon International May 31: Ali Royo May 27: Mr. Scott campbell May 18: DUKE MENDI May 15: EPPICard Online May 12: Mr. W Chan May 6: MR SONG LILE May 3: STEVEN THEEDE Apr 30: Dr Alex Rex Apr 28: Nastya Apr 26: Dan Blackburn Apr 24: MR.

02/2010, CVV code: 356; Master Card #xxxxxxxx64762173, Exp. Also using 447441907238, and address: No 32 kings haugh Edinburgh EH16 UK. Charles williams Feb 25 : Mr Paulmbeki Feb 18 : Mr Jeff konee Feb 14 : Mr Sule ajan Feb 14 : Mr Paul Omolonle Feb 13 : Mr MORRIS BUBA Feb 13 : Mr Qin Wang Feb 09 : Mr Hassan baki Feb 07 : Mr Isaiah Jaccb Feb 03 : Mrs. El Hadji Abdul Mohamed Jan 30 : Stanley and Linda Taboh Jan 28 : Mr. MOHAMMED AUDU Mar 02: PRINCE DAVIES PHIRI Mar 02: Dr. Claims to be a private lending firm offering urgent loans for various purposes--business expansion or company investment, lending rate is based at 3% percentage. Claims to be in Belfast, United Kingdom, phone 447024035549. Fake doctor: Robert Davis, 615 Rudder Road, Saint Louis, MO 63026.

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