Dating skills test

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The search for love is one of our greatest life-tasks.

Unfortunately, the quality of much dating advice and the atmosphere of most dating venues ranges from superficial to downright demeaning.

I got to thinking: if the advice is truly great advice, won’t that be self-evident? When I decided to write about the topic of skill-based gaming, I started by listing a few topics to touch on and the list just kept growing. So, what you are reading is the first feature article about Getting the Most Out of Your Skill System. And unlike some of my previous articles, its more broadly applicable.

I have a feeling none of you will buy it if I just say “they are about awesome! In discussing those games on Twitter, a few folks have brought up some common issues they’ve run into and some great discussions got started.

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On dates I rarely talk about my Ph D, or that I have a pretty good job.

Ultimately, dating success isn’t about pretending to be someone you’re not, but rather, about being the most confident, generous, self-aware person you can be. I really try my best to be positive about dating – ex., thinking of each date as a new opportunity rather than a retread of previous problems. I’ve honestly come to dread it because I’ve had enough bad experiences with dating that I don’t view dating as being any fun at all. I think that’s why I’ve never been able to be myself on dates, which I know is part of my problem. And while I don’t have a horn growing out the center of my forehead, on a scale of 1-10, I’d give myself a 3 (with no makeup on).

Dating is definitely a skill – one that I admittedly don’t have, which is why this podcast drew me in. But in all honesty, my experience with dating is that it’s no different than a job interview.

So I act with the reservation and caution such a situation calls for. In combination with my academic job and my Ph D, I know I can come off as aloof and intense, although I try really hard not to.

I am confident, but it’s a really quiet, internal self-confidence that isn’t immediately apparent to people.

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