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It is a tradition that can be defined by eight socio-musical elements: mariachi instrumentation and texture, musical genres and subgenres, performance methods and styles, singing styles and forms, dance styles, performative space, performance clothing, and the word "mariachi".

Each element has its own history, originated at varying moments in time and in different regions of the Western Mexican countryside, and some, if not all, had to converge in order for the mariachi tradition to become what it is.

This theory was disproven with the appearance of documents that showed that the word existed before this invasion.

The term Chicano is sometimes used interchangeably with Mexican-American.

It has traditionally housed only small indigenous populations and is generally regarded as a frontier culture.

Densely populated central and western Mexico is the cradle of the nation.

The word "mariachi" was thought to have derived from the French word "marriage", dating from the French intervention in Mexico in the 1860s, related to the music's appearance at weddings.

This was a common explanation on record jackets and travel brochures.

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Mexico was for many years an amazing destination for romance and honeymoons.With a certain number of Supreme places that make the perfect setting for the wedding , fascinating places of the country, openness, tender climate and agreeable atmosphere are just some of the causes why more couples find themselves wedded south of the frontier.Possessing years of experience in the destination wedding business, the homeland grants wedding professionals informed, the creation of artistic performances and culinary offer out-of-this-world.The musical style began to take on national prominence in the first half of the 20th century, with its promotion at presidential inaugurations and on the radio in the 1920s.In 2011 UNESCO recognized mariachi as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, joining six others of this list from Mexico.

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