Dating with tieria erde 2f

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100 words apiece.1) Shirin Knows Best - Marina x Shirin2) Christina Knows Best - Christina x Sumeragi3) No Coincidences - Liu Mei x Shirin4) Numb - Regene x Louise5) Just Being Nice - Feldt x Tieria x Lockon6) Stranger - ‘Doublelujah’ x Sumeragi7) Blind and Deaf - Billy x Sumeragi8) Come Back - Soma x Allelujah9) The Enemy’s Unexpected Skills - Kati x Sumeragi10) Going to Hell Anyway - Lockon x Feldt11) ‘Passion for Crime’ - Soma x Feldt12) Toxic Taste - Hallelujah x Sumeragi13) Our Jagged Trail - Sumeragi x Hallelujah/Allelujah/‘Doublelujah’14) Stratos - Feldt x Lyle15) Second Opinion - Anew x Lyle (x Ribbons) written for gundam 00 week 2017.

day 2 theme: duality/AU Tieria is studying abroad while Regene is still studying in California. This led to meeting some interesting people, as well as plenty of assholes.

He owns an orange Haro to help pilot the Gundam Dynames and has a personal feud with Ali Al-Saachez, who plotted the terrorist bombing that caused the death of his family.

He acts as the leader of the Team, turning himself in the closest friend-alike to both Setsuna and Tieria, he lost his aiming eye shielding Tieria.

So when Tieria Erde’s name popped up on her instant messenger, Mileina's heart still gave a little leap.(Mileina and Tieria post-series Gen/Friendship fic with implied one-sided relationships.) Setsuna has learned many things from many people.

They were given over to the rescue services quickly enough.

AKA: Tieria plays Overwatch with Neil and they both deal with jerks Tieria doesn’t even glance up, only covers his headset’s microphone before speaking.

Tieria Erde (ティエリア・アーデ) is a Gundam Meister, or Gundam pilot, for an independent armed revolutionary group called Celestial Being, a group that seeks to create an unified future for Earth.

Neil Dylandy is the first Lockon Stratos who decided to join Celestial Being because his parents and younger sister were killed in a terrorist bombing.

As the eldest pilot, he is considered the pilots' team leader, and sports a more easy-going, flamboyant personality as compared to the other Gundam Meisters.

After going into hiding at the end of the first season, Setsuna reappears four years later and rejoins Celestial Being as the pilot of 00 Gundam during his fight with the Innovators and then 00 QAN[T] during his battle with the ELS. Feldt Grace openly developed romantic feelings for him at the movie, whether if Setsuna could have developed some kind of feelings for her should him hadn't disappeared its unclear.

His last appearance is showed at the Gundam 00 movie set 50 years later after his departure paying a visit to a now elderly Marina Ismail whose is almost blind but she burst into tears as soon as she hears his voice; Setsuna is showed to have become a Human-ELS hybrid and he seems that haven't aged since he left. Seiei is voiced by Mamoru Miyano and Yuka Nishigaki (child) in Japanese and Brad Swaile in English.

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