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When it comes to picking up women, lesbians know what women like.Every woman has had her fair share of being approached by cheesy Chads or sleazy Sals who think their pick-up lines will magically work the third time around.Zoosk is historically the biggest, and although its monthly active user count has been declining lately on Facebook, it also has built a stand-alone web site and a presence elsewhere on the web.The company, which raised lots of cash last year, strikes a good balance between providing free services like search versus paid ones like chat.But I’m also a hypochondriac who has convinced herself at least 17,000 times that she’s HIV positive and pregnant.(I know I’m a lesbian, but does being a lesbian make you immune to immaculate conception? Costine says women emit the feel-good chemicals oxytocin and dopamine when they fall in love. So when two girl creatures fall in love and are both practically oozing oxytocin and are wasted off dopamine, it’s double the trouble. Costine calls an “oxyfest” and baby, it’s wildly intoxicating.Meanwhile another survey reveals that over half of female MPs have received physical threats, with abuse so commonplace and severe that a third have considered quitting.

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I’m not trying to make light of addictions; trust me. Anyway, the other day I was walking to work in the 4 million degree Manhattan weather when I started to listen to my favorite podcast, the delicately titled “The Mental Illness Happy Hour” with comedian Paul Gilmartin. At the time, I was partying way too much, basically treating my life like it was a game of Russian roulette because I was numb and disconnected after a sexual trauma.Online dating has been getting more and more mainstream over the past few years and, unsurprisingly, many companies have been trying to provide versions on Facebook as well.The promise is that developers can use Facebook’s social graph and communication channels to build applications match the right people up. It’s a very real thing, and, like any addiction, it can really screw up our fragile little lives.I used to vehemently fear that I was a love addict, and then I feared I was a sex addict, and then I finally concluded that I was a love and sex and fantasy addict.

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