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Entertainment Television -- as well as on over 2,000 radio shows. Well, settle down, because you don’t have to tell the other person your entire life’s story.

To find out more about David and all of his dating and relationship-building products, visit him on his website at you ever go on a date with no idea what to talk about? In fact, what dating is about is letting them get to know the real you – your authentic self and what you’re all about.

Entertainment Television, Starting Over, Party @ The Palms, ABC News, CBS The Early Show, MTV (sex2k and Made), The Learning Channel, BBC, Playboy TV, UPN, WB, Blind Date, Starting Over, CN8 (The Comcast Network), National Enquirer's Undercovered, Blitz TV (Germany), and A Current Affair (Australia).

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The truth is – men act from their ego’s, men are more scared of screwing it up with you than you might believe, and most of the “better” men out there are NOT into playing games or using tricks to get a date with you.

With the help of David’s advice today and guidance you’ll learn…

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