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Cole even used Lili as a model once for one of his photo shoots, and anyone who follows Cole knows how much his photography means to him.

He clearly like to take photos that make him feel some type of way. Anytime these two have been spotted doing interviews together, fans couldn't help but gush over how the pair interacts when they're talking about the show together.

He also used a lot of flower emojis and one of a girl as the caption.

16, has a whole gallery of full-frontal shots, because on Dec. 16 series of Dylan had him cupping his twig and berries in futile effort of self-censorship, but this newest pic is a hands-free job.

22, a new pic leaked online — and in it nothing, not even Dylan’s hands, are in the way of the Disney star’s most private part! So if you were upset that the first series of pics weren’t totally all-access, then congratulations (See the uncensored pic here).

He and Cole were accepted to New York University in 2010 and began attending the university in 2011.

He is 15 minutes older than Cole, born to Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright. From 2000 to 2002, the twins portrayed the character Ben Geller, the on-screen son of David Schwimmer's Ross Gellar, in 7 episodes of the NBC sitcom Friends.

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