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Our aim is to be sex-positive and evidence-driven in our approach to sexual health. We want you to be able to have the sex you want to have and we’re hoping that this information can help you determine which safer sex options work best for you.Note: One of the EMHC’s key aims is to be inclusive of all guys within the GBQT community.It has picked up so much steam recently that it’s almost taken as a given that it’s standard practice for today’s 20-somethings to meetup and have sex rather than go out on dates and form relationships.

It turns out Bang With Friends was totally private until Facebook's Graph Search rolled out.

If you read something and feel as though it doesn’t speak adequately to your identity or experience, please let us know.

The term "friends with benefits" has taken on a whole new meaning.

The app connects you, and then you can figure out the rest.

And if there is no match, no one needs to know, right?

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