Forever young seniors dating

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The scenes of finding love the second time were tender and well done.

The audience responded in kind and responded well to the filmabout the film It is rare to see this sensibility in a film were all the actors are over 60. A wonderful film for everyone but how satisfying to see one made for, with and by the over 50 set.

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The stellar ensemble cast brought honesty, humor and empathetic discomfort to the real world dilemma's that come with internet dating and single's groups or that anxious first date feeling that is the same whether you are 16 or 60.

Mary Adams Toronto __________ No luck with financial advisors I read a commentary on financial advisors with interest in a recent FYI newspaper (August edition: Retiree Pins Down Author Diamond for Personal Input.) We are seniors aged 77 and 78. We have gone through a least six financial advisors over the years and never really got any good advice from them nor made any good money. Occasional visits of members of the Royal Family help us keep our identity and dignity. That was before computers, and then online chats, icq messaging, lavalife, etc Some very interesting people were found.

However, I keep telling myself at least we won't lose our principal. Good luck – the good ones appear when you are not looking.

Don’t mistake “being a kid at heart” for immaturity.

As adults, we learn to become more mature and responsible individuals.

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