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XChat Aqua/Azure is OS X native front-end of xchat2 written on Cocoa rather than GTK2.

It is based on the Xchat 2 code base and therefore Open Source and Free Software.

Mac IRC clients are all grown up and have entered the new era of free cloud computing and the Mac App Store.

Most apps in this list are free or just a few dollars.

This is an easy place to find the people, cams or rooms that you visit most often.

If you have favorites in any of these lists, you can click on the list category to view the items in that list.

Two weeks ago, the Intego team analyzed a malware sample that was discovered by a university IT admin.

(If you don’t see the applet on the left side of your screen, click HERE for help) The applet is divided in 3 sections or tabs, each of which will be explained in this tutorial.

The Favorites feature is only available with a JMeeting subscription.

If you want to start your webcam, just doubleclick on “Broadcaster”, then doubleclick again on “Start broadcaster”.

The file turned out to be malware and has since been covered in the media, named OSX. To protect against this malware just in case it was out in the wild, detection for the malicious files were added to Intego Virus Barrier, identified as OSX/Client Capture (executables), Perl/Client Capture (Perl scripts), and Java/Client Capture (Java class).

The Client Capture malware mentioned above may have been on that machine for a few years, surviving several OS X upgrades.

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