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Medium: Radio Program: The World At Six Broadcast Date: March 5, 1971 Guest(s): John Diefenbaker, Tommy Douglas, Mitchell Sharp, Jimmy Sinclair, Kathleen Sinclair Host: Bruce Rogers, George Finstad Reporter: Mike Mc Court, Tim Ralfe Duration: Photo: Photo courtesy of the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, York University. • In (1993), Trudeau said 1974-79 were years of "great domestic difficulty for me." Trudeau wrote: "The bare facts are that in March 1977, Margaret and I separated. Anyone who has gone through the breakdown of a marriage -- perhaps without three small children, and perhaps not in the glare of the public spotlight -- will understand why I choose to write no more on the matter." • Trudeau dated many women before and after the marriage, including Barbra Streisand, Margot Kidder, Kim Cattrall and guitarist Liona Boyd.• Pierre Trudeau met Margaret Sinclair while on vacation in Tahiti in 1967. • In Nancy Southam's book, (2005), Streisand said Trudeau "reminded me of the father I lost -- intellectual, yet physical, loving sports and information, that great connection of mind and body." • In the same book, Kidder said, "Years later, whenever I saw Shirley Mac Laine - she'd lean into me and ask, ' How's our boy Pierre? We were kind of a club, we ladies, if you ask me." But Kidder said she only heard Trudeau use the word love when referring to Margaret and his kids.window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !Canadian noted family, the daughter of a former cabinet minister and political wife of Pierre Trudeau from 4 March 1971 to 1976."They always seemed to end up with several adults - including Mr. • In 1991, Trudeau, then 71, had a daughter named Sarah with 36-year-old lawyer Deborah Coyne. On May 28, 2005, he married Sophie Grégoire in Montreal.In the 15 years and five months that Pierre Elliott Trudeau served as prime minister, he conjured up every emotion in the Canadian people except indifference.On 4 November 2015 her eldest son Justin took office as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister.

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Jeff Gillin, an elementary school friend of Justin, fondly remembered the kids' birthday parties at 24 Sussex Drive. He is now pursuing a Master's degree and is currently a member of the board of Katimavik, a youth volunteer organization (2007).They had three sons by 1975 when Trudeau was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.She left the marriage in 1976 for the drug-culture option of the "Rolling Stones" and rocketed around New York "making the scene." She appeared in the film "Kings and Desperate Men" in 1978 and wrote an autobiography, "Beyond Reason" in 1979, divorced Trudeau in 1983 and married Fried Kemper.A 1991 graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Angela Dufresne paints loose figurative works that evoke works by seminal artists of 19th-century Europe and America, such as Thomas Cole and Frederick Church as well as French painters Jean Corot and Gustave Courbet.Dufresne manipulates idyllic scenes to rewrite history in her works.

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