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I can fall in love with mature, adventurous, smart man full of romance!I would like to find my soul mate who will be kind and caring, confident and respectful, and is ready to accept all my unused love and share happiness with me.When his own tax affairs are dubious and questionable, is he left with any moral authority to ask Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to take tax evaders to task?Did he declare this amount in his declaration(s) before the Election Commission of Pakistan and in wealth statement(s) mandatory under the income tax law?Even otherwise, the said immunity was for investigation under tax laws and has nothing to do with provisions related to money laundering or disqualification of a public officeholder on account of corruption and/or any other malpractice.

I was gust thought it strang that they tell you one thing and do another!!!!!(November 10, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) My recent 10 day (25.10 - 3.11,2010) business trip to Jaffna was to take up the challenge of investment in my homeland.It was quite apart from my previous holiday visits.The narration in the story that “…Act prohibits questioning the source of remittance” is factually incorrect.The amended position of the Act clearly provides that no immunity shall be available with effect from December 16, 1999.

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