Girl wants to be friends after dating Cam4chat six

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While my sudden unspoken desire was to deepen our intimacy, Paul’s signals proved alternately encouraging then confusing.A promised lunch together that fell through due to sickness; a lingering smile at my door one day turned into distracted “gotta run, department meeting” the next.

I've been envious of new friends that supplant old friendships.

Should I try to be friends with him if this is the only way to keep him in my life, knowing that I'll always hope for more (especially with what he said, see above)?

I do appreciate him as a friend, but I'm terribly attracted to him and I'm afraid I'll get hurt.

When I opened the door to his office one afternoon to offer our usual casual hello, an alchemical change packed a walloping charge through my body.

When had my coworker become a handsome man with whom I suddenly wanted to share more than impersonal cafeteria trays in a crowd?

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