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With an eye on the details, we focus on business operations and the day-to-day, allowing customers to focus on the big picture and growing their businesses anywhere they operate.

Our very first customers trusted us to build their home for them back in 1978. And since then, our approach has remained the same. Before we pick up a pencil to design, and long after the last hammer has been packed away, our attention is, and always will be, on your complete satisfaction.

He was working real late one night and we scared him. I used to really tell people that that was my twin brother.

We kept sneaking around to the window and tapping on the back and he actually came out with a gun and had he not seen it was us, we probably would have gotten shot! I was so different from him because Roger was a nerdy guy who couldn’t get girls and he was goofy.

At this age, he has already established himself as a well-renowned R&B singer and a great actor.He is currently dating his present girlfriend, Jennifer Freeman, and their intimate affair is one of the hottest topics of the town.According to some rumors, the couple got engaged and is planning to get married and live happily as husband and wife.As he has not been married yet, he has not gone through a divorce in his life.He is dating a girl, and this makes it sure that he is not gay.

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