How to reform a player in dating

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He may keep several people on a line by saying "afraid of his feelings", "isn't ready for a relationship" and other various bullsh*t lines.

The person dating or sleeping with the player thinks she can somehow change his mind, reform him, get him into a comitted relationship. the above poster has given you the best perfect advice, and its all true, its your choice if you listen to it or not, but the fact is you cant get a player into a serious relationship, they are about playing- there is a reason for it being called that- game playing-your part of his game, is that really what you want from a relationship?

But no matter what shape or size or sexy leather jacket a player comes in, one thing is for certain: he’ll do anything in his power to keep you around.

(Read: You’re going to get hurt.) So if you want to protect yourself from his masculine wiles, scroll down to read HC’s list of the top 10 signs he’s a player. He has wandering eyes Let’s preface this by saying that no guy is going to have the stalker-like attentiveness of a certain vampire from Forks.

If the guy is a true player, then he's an expert at fooling girls and breaking hearts and has been doing it for years.

He might find you attractive, but not serious relationship material. If you want a serious relationship with someone, be clear on this.

If you think you can change someone, or want to, it'll never work. A casual relationship with a player can be turned into a serious relationship! I also read a book called 'Getting To I Do' by Patricia Allen. If not then it's best to get the facts straight as early as possible. If you're already in a casual relationship with this player, the dynamics have already been set.

It brings to mind a guy who not only won’t make commit to be monogamous, but also one who sleeps around with a lot of different women, and doesn’t really care who he hurts.

Your man may not be an insensitive womanizer according to this definition, but he may be reluctant to be the kind of partner you’re looking for.

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