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Many of the parodies were produced by James Signorelli.Fast food, beer, feminine hygiene products, toys, medications, financial institutions, and automobiles have been frequent targets.First off let me tell you that on the week I saw your film, I viewed 9 films and yours was the one that I talked about the most. We wanted to explore that world of female friendship.Like sometimes girls hate each other for no reason but then they can become best friends.Focus Features is releasing the very funny comedy “For A Good Time, Call…” in theaters this weekend and I had the good fortune to interview the two stars, Lauren Anne Miller (who also co-wrote the script) and Ari Graynor, along with co-writer, Katie Anne Nylon and Director Jamie Travis.The film is about two college frenemies, Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) and Katie (Ari Graynor) who through a mutual friend (played by Justin Long) are forced to become roommates due to financial circumstances. Lauren: Well, Katie and I started writing the script three years ago.The following is a partial list of Saturday Night Live commercial parodies.

Mentions divorce in self-summary, along with love of jetskis: Wrinkled balls, probably. Thinks air is essential item he could not live without: Have some imagination, broham.A month ago, Dateline launched its third investigation into a growing national epidemic—grown men trolling the Internet, many looking for sex with children.This time, to expose them, we set up multiple hidden cameras in a house in Southern California.A decoy coaxes the men in, but instead of finding a 12- or 13-year-old home alone, the men looking for sex will meet me.Here’s an example of the kind of confrontation we’re in for: A 37-year-old, Kurt Lemke, a truck driver, calls himself “haloballfan” online.

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