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Don't give any other hints other than the items should be unusual.Once your date is done writing the list, the date for the evening will be to try and find as many of the items that were written down as possible.It seems the only time people take the time to visit and explore the historic landmarks near to where they live is when visitors come from out of town.The fact is that these historic places can be a great place to go on a date.This is a great date that makes both you and your date work closely together while using your creativity to accomplish the evening's plans.When your date arrives, have him or her sit down and write a list of what he or she considers to be 20 unusual items.Not only will the two of you learn new and interesting facts about the history and culture in the area where you live, they give a great opportunity to talk to your date in a casual atmosphere.Many historic or culturally significant spots have no or small entrance fees.

Getting outside and enjoying the weather is a great way to have a date since there is no cost involved.

You can also play other card based games such as Uno if you have them.

Whatever card game you choose, you can have a nice, quiet and relaxing time together.

The entertainment is seeing the reaction from all the people who see your new accessories or clothing as you wander the crowded area.

This date is better to do with someone that you are somewhat familiar with since you don't want to embarrass a first date by picking something they have no desire to wear.

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