Is he dating me out of pity

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Then he asked me for a date on another day, but forgot about it and never really brang it up again...then he had another day off, but didn't message me all day long.He, on the other hand, is popular(but not the jocky type).Sometimes you know the relationship is over, but it just seems too hard to make the cut.My aunt, however, told me both Aaron and I were welcome over for Christmas so I jumped at the opportunity. How do companies foster diversity and inclusion when half the people working for them really dont believe in it? We kissed the first time we hang out and it felt really good. but then last night I asked him why we are secretly going out and why he wont accept me as his girlfriend.He told me it's because he doesn't want his parents to find out.

Granted that both people involved have no children and not married and no other obligations, etc. Especially if the person isn't in love with the other one, but loves them more like a sibling, etc., then sympathy, empathy, pity..of it will cause that person not to leave. It depends on what makes that person content, and what he or she needs out of a relationship.

Normally, strange people find it awkward to talk with me, because I'm really quiet and when I do talk, I sometimes stutter, because im nervous and afraid of saying something stupid. after all the stress he had was gone, we continued to chat (almost) like before (it wasn't that intense)...

At this time, he also started a job in a place that was further away, so hed come home really late, really tired.

Over the past 2 months, I have been secretly going out with a guy in my grade.

I didn't like him at first then I soon came to develop feelings for him.

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