Jackson rathbone ashley greene dating 2016

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Greene fittingly had a little crush on the actor playing her character's partner, Jackson Rathbone."I originally auditioned for Bella, and then they brought me back in for Alice.

I mean, they literally made me sit on pins and needles just kind of narrowing it down between me and a billion girls, and then me and five [girls], and then me and two [girls], and when I finally got the call I was beyond happy.

She admitted she had a soft spot for Jackson Rathbone "Oh yeah, I definitely had a crush on Jackson when we first started working together.

He's just such a little Southern gentleman and he's so artistically brilliant," she said during her Muscle Milk-hosted workout class with her trainer in West Hollywood at Rise Nation.

News about what it was like working on Twilight, and shared a little gossip about crushes on set.

With all the vampires being so damn attractive, it'd be hard to imagine no one crushing on each other at least a little bit — not including every teenager's favorite couple.

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