Java scripts for updating web pages

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We don’t need to rely on the user to manually update/refresh to see the latest changes, we should hand it to them, that’s what computers are for after all!With the following Code Byte I’ve constructed the most basic entry level point to help turn your static web pages into dynamic and self-updating ones!The placeholder text should only appear when the page first loads, but will disappear when the script runs.Because we want the function to continue receiving and handling updates, we add the script section in the body of the page.The same client-side techniques can then dynamically update or change the DOM in the same way.A dynamic web page is then reloaded by the user or by a computer program to change some variable content.

Here set Timeout() is a built-in Java Script function which can be used to execute another function after a given time interval. It shows how to refresh a page after every 5 seconds. NET Web applications are not limited to server-based tools and languages.You can include ECMAScript (Java Script or JScript) in your ASP.It can also make them easier to manage for version control and easier to share between pages.External files are cached by the browser, similar to the way Web pages and images are cached.

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