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Virtue, who was born in London, ON, was initially interested in pursuing ballet and modern dance, but began skating at an early age through the Can Skate lesson program.Moir, who was also born in London, ON and was raised in nearby Ilderton, ON, came from a skating family and was coached by his aunt, Carol Moir.

Their on-ice relationship, unlike many marriages, has never wavered. Take a look at online videos of the duo as under-10 competitors and, except for their cute mini-me dimensions, they don’t appear much different than today, Virtue all coltish-legged and Moir with his arm-around.Would they be as technically strong as they had been?What impact would two years of show skating have on their performance?One ice dance couple has earned medals at three Olympics — Soviets Marina Klimova and Sergey Ponomarenko from 1984 through 1992.“We’re probably the most annoying story in Canadian sports saying we don’t know what’s next, but we’re being honest,” Moir said, according to the report.

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