Ji sung choi kang hee dating

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Their acting seemed so real that the explosive responses.

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ji sung choi kang hee dating-60

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In fact, a lot of viewers have been expecting double wedding scene of Bobi’s (Ji Hun and Eun Sul) and Namu’s (Muwon and Nayun) couple.

She continued to receive good notices for her roles in the television series My Sweet Seoul (2008), Protect the Boss (2011) and Heart to Heart (2015) and the films Goodbye Mom (2009) and Petty Romance (2010).

In October 2006, Choi was awarded a silver medal by the Korea National Red Cross in recognition of her frequent blood donations.

“In that sense, Choi Kang Hee and I worked great together.

) star in a romantic comedy that proves even the biggest lies cannot stop real love from finding its way. He is a handsome and successful plastic surgeon whose inconsiderate nature and preference for solitude means he has no interest in settling down any time soon.

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