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I can't think of another filmmaker whose work focuses almost entirely on anxiety. I mean, everything that they teach you when you're a kid about acting is completely fucking wrong. So I just want to capture things that I haven't figured out, that I don't understand. I told Paul in the beginning, "I'm not going to modulate at all. I just have to find what I feel and you've got to tell me to pull way back or go forward or if it's too much. The idea is like, "We want to know that this is the third act and this guy is making a speech in front of the jury and it's supposed to hit like this and that's nailing it, right? PHOENIX: Oh, I think it's always finding it as you're going. I want to move off of it before it gets locked in my brain because I have this horrible thing.It may be something that he has in common with Phoenix, who took testing one's limits to a new level-high or low, depending on your feeling about it—with (2010), his collaboration with director, best friend, and brother-in-law Casey Affleck. I mean, I guess the smart thing would be to do both, but maybe it's just laziness on my part. They tell you to memorize your lines, follow your light, and hit your marks. You should not learn your lines, you should not hit your mark, and you should never follow your light. Everyone else will tell me I'm wrong, but that's my opinion. But I'm going to go in and do what I feel in the moment." Sometimes it's wrong. I like making somebody happy—and if they're not, then I'm crushed. " But that's one of the things that I hate more than anything: nailing it. Well, that guy came in, he said, "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury," and . You know, James Gray really pointed it out to me when we did [2000]: I will get into a rut in a certain way that I'll say a line to the point where you just have to shake the bitch up and find something else because there's no energy, no life to it.Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are getting serious, sources say, after Page Six reported the duo fell for each other while playing Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. “His friends are like, ‘Forget it, it is on.’ ” Another source saw the pair recently looking very cozy on a flight together.Page Six first reported the pair were holed up at a desert spa together over Golden Globes weekend.

Advantages are being able to talk to multiple candidates at once, not waste too much time, money, and energy.” But is one man’s convenience a woman’s sacrifice? As my dear friend Louann Brizendine, a UCSF neuroscientist and New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain,” told me almost 10 years ago during the era: Digital dating puts women at an evolutionary disadvantage.Leo's 1995 rumored fling with Naomi Campbell reportedly fizzled fast, but they became good friends.More than 20 years later, they still get together to look hot on vacation, save Russian tigers, and photobomb 50 Cent.But while Phoenix himself can be an evasive talker, his intent does not appear to be slipperiness or obfuscation. I mean, I've actively and consciously tried to avoid learning that stuff. Each time is different, and you can't overthink things. But I don't like that actor; I don't like that in myself. And part of me is impressed with that—one of my favorite actors can fucking nail it—but it's just something that I don't want to do. They have to put fucking pads in my armpits because I sweat so much that it just drips down my wardrobe. I mean, I would say that it probably takes me two to three weeks before I get anywhere near anything.He simply seems uninterested in pimping himself, and is more prone to dropping his awe of Hoffman or his nervousness about working with Anderson; if Phoenix ever writes a as well. I just want to be open and receptive to what's happening in the moment, and I don't want to force anything. You just , and it's so ugly, and I don't want to do that. That's another danger, to go, "Well, I've got to do something different . ." Because I want to be true to what the thing is, and if that means that it's similar to something else that you might have seen me do, then that's fine, too. I can see that from years ago, like, "You're just making a face and trying to say that you're angry right now and you're shoving that across the fucking screen." It's embarrassing. Here's a guarantee: If I'm happy about something that I've done, then it's going to be very bad. Without fail, if I ever go onto a scene and say, "I've fucking got it," then it's the worst thing in the world. Obviously, there's a lot of money put into these movies, so everyone wants to figure out how much time they're going to spend on these things and everything is very controlled. I can appreciate that ability in other people, but I don't want to be that actor. I want to go into the courtroom and feel like I might lose the case. For the first three weeks of shooting, I'm just sweating. []MITCHELL: How important is it for you to really know the character and immerse yourself in the script before you start shooting, versus finding it as you're going? If I'm going through the script and I feel like I'm starting to really discover that there's something, I move off of it.

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