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Massey is making a name for himself on Dancing with the Stars, season 11.He's largely considered to be the most surprising casting choice of the season, and at 19 years old, he's also the youngest. He seems very comfortable on the dance floor and willing to play for the crowds.I should do this.” But I also have the freedom to pursue my business interests in Vegas.I’m recording my album right now, and I own a studio out in California that’s being run through me and my family, so that’s been really great.For the thirteenth season, Burke is paired with Rob Kardashian, brother of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.The champion dancer has also received Emmy nominations for her choreography.Here's a list of the pro dancers from in the show's second season.

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I had Steve-O from , who hurts himself for a living, and damages brain cells for a living.

Yet somehow, these professional dancers transform even the most awkward stars into graceful ballroom dancers.

Every year some professional dancers come and others go, thus making each season's lineup as unique as the list of celebrities performing (check out Season Thirteen's dancing stars).

stars By Bill De Young Try to imagine the average Saturday night in the Schwimmer family home in Redlands, California.

Buddy Schwimmer, the family patriarch, was a champion swing dancer known as “The Man With a Thousand Moves.” Mom (Laurie Kaufman) was a classically trained ballerina turned jazz dancer.

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