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I was leaning against a boulder, and she was leaning against me, my arms around her as we shared the gorgeous view.

It was Monday, and very little traffic, much less ‘touristas’, stopping at the overlook.

Having total appreciation and acceptance for you beautiful lover.

Allowing them to take your breath away as they ravish and captivate your whole being.

This week I'll be talking about enjoying being a sexual person and soul. This show is for those that have questions regarding sex, intimacy and healing ONLY!

He’s a (secluded) writer by day..actually, any moment of the day; and a chat room fanatic ..throughout the day.

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When Soha* finally started her house job at a busy government hospital, her fiancé missed their late night talks and sought out another chat friend.

Appreciating them for the magnificence that they bring into this world and seeing... I've been saying for months that I was going to talk about this subject and now here it is!

This Saturday night 9pm MST I will be talking about us beautiful Goddesses and how we orgasm! more Join me in this fun conversation about sex, love and relationships!

As Sarah* who lives in a dorm in Islamabad says, “My roommate would chat all night with her boyfriend, but I had no one and it made me frustrated and perhaps gave me a slight complex.

Amy Clair is an Angelic Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Healing Coach.

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