Lebron james mom is dating who

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Gloria James is dating a rapper named Da Real Lambo (which is probably not his given name).

The report surfaced this week on multiple websites and Mr. There's plenty of pictures of Lambo and Gloria, and he even calls her "wifey" in a caption.

"It wasn't any animosity during the talk," Williams said.despite the fact they're only 3 years apart in age. So, we asked what it's like to date the mother of such a high profile celebrity -- and Lambo told us why it's "cool." Lambo also has a habit of publicly calling out high profile people who run with Le Bron -- people like Jay Z, Steph Curry and more. We spoke with rapper Lambo -- who's been dating Gloria James for years. So, we asked if Bron has ever stepped in to shut him down. Lambo calls Gloria his "wife" -- but we're told they're only engaged at the moment and are working on a wedding date. On Instagram, Da Real Lambo often shares photo of himself with his wife Gloria James, and sometimes even takes the time to share some Le Bron swag.Le Bron James and the Cavaliers look to take the lead at home in Cleveland against the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

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