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It's not in their best interest, so we aim to make sure we're telling a story that's relevant to the brand." She added, "We want to make something that anyone would want to listen to." Tinder CMO Ferrell Mc Donald said, "We're constantly sharing podcasts with each other at the office.

It is important to relationships because our most foundational understanding of ourselves does not come from our sexual orientation, who we are dating, or how many friends we have, but the fact that we are the image of God. -Wesley Hill summarizes in this article what he says in his book, "Washed and Waiting," where he describes what it is like to be both a Christian and a homosexual. All the chatter around dating, and more specifically online dating, now has a new podcast home.Gimlet Creative, the branch of Gimlet Media that creates both the interstitial ads you hear in its podcasts and entire branded series, worked with Tinder to create a branded podcast all about dating mishaps.People opt in to shows and specific episodes unlike TV audiences who often come across programming passively."Try to make something people can connect to and that feels real to them—that's the challenge, and that's what we're aiming for," she said.

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