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Before entering the garden itself, the visitor is greeted by an enclosed space with a square fountain.

Designed by renowned American decorator Bill Willis, the colourful zelliges (terracotta tile work) that decorate the fountain show his passion for Moroccan artisanal techniques.

I still have times where I miss Paul terribly and I wonder if this is the way it's always going to be, I think we were together for so long that it's almost inevitable even though I've been over him for quite some time, like for instance is it odd that I miss our mutual trips to the garden centre?

(At least that’s what we hear from our people in the field.) Some Idahoans, however, think they’ve found a better way.

It’s good for bringing people together but we didn’t want to put too much emphasis on the dating part.”Belter started the event by explaining the purpose of the Carolina Campus Community Garden: to grow produce for the lower-wage workers at UNC-Chapel Hill while providing education on sustainable organic gardening and community service.

Good lifelong relationships start with healthy dating.

The wide range of jewellery, weapons, leather goods, basketwork and woven textiles demonstrate the richness and diversity of the still-vibrant Berber culture.

TThe permanent exhibition was specially designed for the collection and includes commissioned photography, films, audio and music tapes, which transports the visitor into the Moroccan world of the Berbers.

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